Site Policies

Commenting Policy

I’d like to foster a community where friendly, reasoned, and informed debate can flourish, and observation has taught me that this works best where moderators are willing to step in quickly to weed out the jerks. Accordingly:

  1. First-time posters go to moderation. After approval, you should be able to post without getting sent to moderation unless you anger the inscrutable gods of the spam filter.
  2. Friendly disagreement is fine.
  3. Friendly disagreement backed up by sources is better.
  4. Honest questions are always welcome, even if they seem basic.
  5. Snarky responses to honest questions will be deleted at my discretion.
  6. Ad hominem attacks will be deleted and repeat offenders will be banned.
  7. Racism, sexism, other forms of bigotry, and appeals to the first amendment will bring the banhammer without warning or explanation.

Getting Questions Answered

I am happy to answer questions on usage, spelling, grammar, editing, or writing. Tough questions or easy questions, beginner-level questions or advanced questions, questions I can answer off the top of my head or questions I have to research. Send ’em in!

When you send me a question, you give me the right to post it here and to edit it for length and readability. Please indicate in your email how you’d like to be referred to on the blog (anonymous is fine). I’ll try to answer any questions I can, but I’ll give preference to those I think will be useful for other people too. Don’t send me your homework questions.

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